Vehicle Paint and Body Repair

Modern Apprenticeship in Vehicle Paint and Body Repair

The qualification consists of
SVQ Level 3 Vehicle Paintwork and Repair (SCQF Level 6)

Level 2 -Diploma in Vehicle Paintwork and Repair (SCQF Level 5)

Level 3 -Diploma in Vehicle Paintwork and Repair (SCQF Level 6)

Modern Apprenticeship in Vehicle Paintwork and Repair

Core Skills at SCQF Level 5.

Modern Apprenticeship
The qualification is accredited through IMI
The qualification is awarded by City and Guilds

The apprenticeship scheme runs over 4 years with attendance at Perth College.

Attendance at College

First Year - 12 weeks attendance

Second Year - 10 weeks attendance

Third Year - 8 weeks attendance

Fourth Year – workplace based

Core Skills at SCQF Level 5.


Throughout the apprenticeship, the candidate will be required to compile a portfolio of evidence and will be observed in the workplace by qualified assessors.

Typical duties will include

You would fix and replace broken parts in all type of vehicles so they work and are safe for people to use.

You would inspect the damage to see how bad it is and decide on the best way to do the repairs.

Depending on the problem, you might:

  • Remove damaged panels or parts to repair at a workbench
  • Smooth out minor dents in panels with a ‘dolly’ hammer and other tools
  • Fill small holes or rusted areas with resin, body solder and other compound fillers
  • Fit new panels where the damage is too bad to be repaired
  • Build body panels from sheet metal before welding them into place

Once you have fixed the damaged parts, you would refinish the surfaces.

You would:

  • Remove old paintwork, sealant and rust using a wire wheel attached to a drill or grinder
  • Clean the repair area and mask off other parts to be left alone
  • Match the colour, and then prime and paint-spray the repair area
  • Seal and wax the area

(Source My World of Work)


Personal Qualities, Skills and Qualifications

You do not need formal qualifications to enter this job but many employers look for a good general education (SCQF level 4-5) to enter an apprenticeship.

Useful subjects

  • Maths
  • English
  • Science subjects
  • Technologies subjects such as practical metalwork
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